“How do we invent our lives out of a limited range of possibilities, and how are our lives invented by those in power?” —Alan Sekula

Frontiers is a body of work about conventions of representation - specifically those of wild spaces - and how such mediated projections and ideas affect the way that we perceive, interact and place ourselves in nature.

It is set in Alaska, a place rife in mythological cache whose name alone has the power to evoke vast imaginative tableaus of Wilderness, Frontier, and American individualism.

This project grew out of a strong fascination as to why people are drawn to wilderness enclaves that represent archetypal ideas of the Natural and how the way in which some people interact with such places, express some of the most elemental aspects of modern culture—our tendency to package, guide and contain experience, oftentimes reducing it to commodity.

Excerpt from The Queue, 45 min. HD Video, looped

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