This project began during the beginning of the end of my mother’s life. Packing for a seasonal job in Alaska after just graduating from grad school, the dust began to clear and as I began my 5,000-mile journey north, and the scenery started to unfold the farther northwest I got, I began to realize that my mother was dying. I drove all the way to Alaska, processing that truth - all the while knowing, that as soon as I got to Alaska, I would have to make the trip back to Texas.

As I began going through the images I took at that time, I felt and saw slight movements, shifts and pause that seemed to relate to my reality in those months after my mom’s passing.

I was quietly searching for something but at the same time holding tightly, in a fear that sometimes comes with great loss. Even in this deep stir of emotions there were ever-present reminders of the beauty of it all.

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